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Protect Specialised Environments

FSG are specialist in providing the latest skills and technology, sensitive to and cognitive of many areas with complex security, safeguarding and protection requirements. These technologies, for example include High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) systems which are designed to give very early indication of a developing fire condition. Whether these are sophisticated data centres or other technology-centric buildings or even museums and government buildings housing fragile assets or documents, FSG can provide a customised solution for all.

Data Centres

Effective protection of Data Centres requires careful planning all part of an integrated strategy. FSG provides a cohesive approach to protect data centres from fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, natural disasters and terrorism. Using the strictest guidelines and latest technology and our inherent expertise, FSG is able to deploy pre-emptive, fast-acting  solutions to protect critical assets and safeguard business continuity.

Server Rooms & Associated Types

The server room is many times the technology heart of many businesses, the destruction or violation of which can seriously affect the sustainability of any business.   Fire suppression systems are almost always part of the server room design, yet they are only effective when the fire starts inside the server room. FSG’s integrated security systems also protects the server room from external threats, informing on a co-ordinated approach to mitigate these risks.

Government, Business or Public Records

Government and even business archives are vulnerable to many forces, ranging from unthinking neglect, to natural disasters such as storm or flood, to deliberate criminal acts such as burglary, arson or even terrorist attack. FSG are experts in how to minimise the risk of each of these using an effective mix of technology, experience and a pragmatic approach in these the most combustible of environments.

Museums, Arts & Fragile Assets

We understand the heavy responsibility of all museum (or similar) operators to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of foreseeable dangers of not only burglary but fire, flood or similar natural disaster. FSG are aware of the sensitive and delicate nature of these assets and for example would only use water sprinklers and clean agent fire extinguishing system for these environments – always caring for our customer specific needs.

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