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Protect your Business

and maintenance

We do a lot more than just provide fire and security systems and we do more than just the traditional supplier-customer relationship stuff. We believe in creating partnerships and adding value. We use all the means at our disposal to protect our ability to produce exceptional value for our customers. It is a journey, not a destination – a process, not a product. We have a world-class maintenance mindset and we maintain a culture that supports world-class maintenance.

Protect your Business


We always respond to calls and advise customers that we are on our way. We always do our best to develop the service by adopting best practice and this starts by causing minimum disruption and hassle with a wide range of spares on board so that we can fix your system on the first visit.

Protect your Business


A monitored alarm is one the best deterrence to keep intruders and burglars away. Statistics from around the world state that about 60% of the burglars indicated that the presence of a monitored alarm would cause them to seek an alternative target altogether.

Protect your Business


With our round the clock remote monitoring and fast, responsive maintenance and service support, should a fault occur, your security system is always and quickly fixed and up-and- running.

Protect your Business

Always watched
and connected

We are continuously monitoring your system ready to react to all eventualities protecting your business, your assets and your staff. We are always connected to you with 2 Alarm Receiving Centres ensuring confirmed alarm activations.

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