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Intruder alarm systems

Our intruder alarms are designed to be an effective crime deterrent, to detect genuine incidents of forced entry, unauthorized access and personal attack, and to generate an effective response should any of these happen. These include a range of hard-wired and wireless protection devices to suit almost any environment, utilising infra red, microwave, vibration and sound sensing technologies.

Protect your Business


FSG’s monitoring service is on hand to alert key-holders and to initiate a Police response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using a range of alarm signalling methods, such as basic digital communicators or secure monitoring with radio GSM back-up.

Protect your Business

intruder detection

An integrated, wireless intruder alarm provides powerful, uninterrupted security coverage to generate a Police response, with the added benefits of no cabling and minimised disruption. Our systems provide proven, reliable performance even in the most demanding conditions

Protect your Business

Secure dual

FSG’s alarm monitoring systems broadcast a signal when your intruder alarm is triggered, and they use alternative channels, such as GSM, to get the message through even if land phone lines are down.

Protect your Business

Hold up

We can raise the level of security and peace of mind your staff enjoy with personal attack systems, such as panic alarm buttons, that allow them to raise the alarm if they are attacked or in danger.

Protect your Business

High value assets & property protection

From data storage centres and information networks to museums and bank vaults, FSG understands just how valuable your assets are. Our security systems protect your valuable items such as safes, vaults, confidential materials or business critical computer equipment that intruders often target.

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