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  • Quickly spot people with high temperatures, a symptom of COVID-19 FSG can supply and install fixed thermal cameras as well handheld devices solutions, including walk-through portals etc.  Our experts can make the appropriate recommendations depending on your choice of scenarios and protocols. These

  • Guard against business disruption. CCTV lets you keep a watchful eye on your business, and our system provides an effective crime deterrent, utilising the latest digital technology to monitor access to secure areas, unauthorised activities, theft or criminal damage and personal safety or even provid

  • Fire Suppression System for boats and cars. Very quick and easy installation. BlazeCut “T” Series system is a simple and cost effective fire protection of small enclosures. The system consists of a heat sensitive tube made of special plasticj which is closed by a stainless...

  • Engine compartments of vehicles and machines, server rooms, electrical cabinets, power generators and similar devices are closed spaces with increased risk of fire and out of sight. In case of fire such combination may have devastating consequences such as damaging property, interrupting business or

  • Free Health Check on your existing fire and security systems and products. Contact us for a free survey.

  • Bringing the most advanced portable fire extinguisher technology to the market place, using Nano Particulate Technology we have now on sale our JE050 fire extinguishers. This is an award winning innovative and certified fire extinguisher suitable for ALL types of  fires and, 70-80% smaller than...